Wedding Favors: Lavender Flowers


We were approached by a client to do some special custom pre-wedding favors to hold custom coins which were to be gifted to each guest present at the event. The color theme was lavender. We worked out this amazing project for her; lavender net flowers done using the coins as centers for the flowers while the leaves hold the yummy treats.


Die cut baby pink butterfly cards with the bride and grooms names embossed in silver were added.


Finishing touches were added with a sprinkle of glitter.



Chocolate Posies

Chocolate Posies

An ever-lasting symbol of gratitude

Express your love with these beautiful chocolate centered Posies (flowers). These ever-lasting posies can be personalized and made to order in any color you chose. Enjoy the chocolate and decorate the flower for as long as you wish.

Ideal for Token of Thanks, Expression of Gratitude, Party decorations, and Party/Wedding Favors


Flower Diameter: 5 inches approximately

Height: 10 inches approximately

Available individually and as bouquet of 3, 6, and 12 posies