Chug Chug Thomas


We had a great time working on these, pretty big 7″ x  4″ x 3″, Thomas The Train Engine themed baby announcements for baby Zackariya.

These are very sturdy boxes, made with 1350 gram gray board, with 4 color printing, and lamination on the inside, as well as the outside. Each and everything, starting from the size, to the colors, and details was customized based on the clients requirements.


If you would like to see how we work, watch the video:

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Globetrotter – Themed Party

With temperatures hitting an all time high, summer vacations have finally begun, and the globetrotters are all set to take off.


So, in-tune with the “travel season”, we had much fun designing travel themed party supplies for our lovely client.  Lets walk you through, step-by-step; the first thing you do when planning a trip, is deciding where you want to go and for that, you need a map.

MapTags CloseUp

These map tags are for friends to write down notes, wishes etc, OR they can be used by you to simply jot down exciting moments from your travel. There are quiet a few in there, the more the merrier.


Next up is deciding the flight you want to take. There are so many options out there, but you need to choose one, right!

confettiThese mini aeroplanes serve as confetti, even though they aren’t that tiny.

With the trip all planned, it’s now time to pack your bags!

LuggageBags-TopView We designed these luggage themed favor boxes for the guests. These aren’t very big, but spacious enough to hold lots of goodies. We took inspiration for these, from a similar order executed sometime in 2013 (Picture below).


Leatherite Vintage Themed Suitcases, approximately 10″x 13″

So taking liberty to describe the luggage favors further — these were so much fun! These were designed such that the clasp on the belt allows you to tighten or loosen it accordingly. The suitcase opens to reveal a spacious interior with an embossed top.

LuggageBags-insideThe best part– unlike other luggage favor boxes, these close perfectly.

Now you are already to take off! These red and white paper planes were designed as decoration for the party.


We also did a wooden wall alphabet, in keeping with the travel theme.



That’s about it for now. Will be sharing more themes soon

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3″ Simple Pink “Thank you” Favor Boxes


These were 3″ cube favor boxes with coordinating Thank You tags. The colors used, as per the clients requirements were white, and shades of pink. Fully hand crafted with embossed and die cut paper ribbons.


Depending on the quantity, an order of this nature, on an average, takes a week to process. These boxes ship assembled. 

For queries/orders write in to

Wedding Favors: Lavender Flowers


We were approached by a client to do some special custom pre-wedding favors to hold custom coins which were to be gifted to each guest present at the event. The color theme was lavender. We worked out this amazing project for her; lavender net flowers done using the coins as centers for the flowers while the leaves hold the yummy treats.


Die cut baby pink butterfly cards with the bride and grooms names embossed in silver were added.


Finishing touches were added with a sprinkle of glitter.


6 Essential Tips for Selecting Baby Announcement Favors

When it comes to baby announcements, the options / possibilities are endless starting from the color of the favor containers right down to its contents.  Having had the honor of designing numerous announcements for the cuddly new family additions, we decided to put together useful tips for Parents-to-Be that would help them in deciding on the best option.

1.  Total Number of Favors Required

As obvious as this may seem, many tend to overlook this very important point. Knowing the exact number of favors that you plan on distributing helps determine the processing time, budget, bulk order concessions, and ensures uniformity in all pieces.

Remember: if, for example, you order 80 pieces at first, and then after a week decide to increase that by 50, you lose out on the bulk order concession that you could have availed on 130 pieces.

2.       Budget Estimate

Know how much you are willing to spend on the announcements. This helps narrow down options and enables us to come up with options that fit your requirements best.

3.       Know What To Distribute

This is THE MOST important part of favor selection. The entire presentation of the announcements is 100% dependent on what the favor boxes/baskets/trays etc will hold. For example, a net inlay basket/pram cannot be used to distribute ‘gulab jamun’. Usually families have special sweets prepared for announcements, share that information with us, it helps tremendously.

4.       Know How Much You Want To Distribute

Quantity determines the size of the favors. For example, ¼ Kg mithai like ‘laddo’ cannot fit in a 3” box. If you are using chocolates, then have a general idea of the type of chocolates you want to give. The favor boxes should not look overly stuffed or barely filled. If you have a basic idea of the quantity we can advice you on the right size.

5.       One Month Notice

Order the favors atleast a month before you want them; especially when the quantity is above 100 pieces. Doing so gives us sufficient time to queue your order and have it ready. It is always better to be early than late. 8 working days is the minimum processing time.

6.       Estimate A Rough Distribution Date 

It is natural for new moms-to-be to be very excited about the favors, and honestly its all that excitement that makes the whole process fun, but it is good to estimate a realistic deadline. You will not be giving out the baby announcements as soon as the baby arrives J On an average the announcements start going out after a week.

Focus on the above six tips, and you shall sail through the favor selection process smoothly.