Ferraro Rocher and Jolly Rancher Bouquet

26 flower arrangemen;
12 ‘Ferraro Rocher’ centers
2 ‘Jolly rancher’ centers
2 ‘Smarties’ logs






PHK at Your Door

Over the past few months we received numerous requests from around Pakistan for Personalised Hershey Kisses (PHK), which we had to turn down, with great regret, due to logistical constraints. We have been working on coming up with the best method to get PHK to you without any damage, and alhumdolillah we have been successful. We are proud to announce the ‘PHK at Your Door’ service for practically all cities within Pakistan.  

To celebrate the initiation of service, shipping will be free for the first 150 gms order that we get from each city; in response though we would like to get your feedback on PHK delivery service.

To Order:

Visit Favors & More on FB, select the theme you like, and shoot us an email at favorsmore@gmail.com with:

  • Your Name and postal address
  • The Design set number
  • A picture if you’d like to add one to the theme
  • Quantity

We will respond with the total amount payable, date of delivery and other details. (total processing time along with delivery is usually 2 days)

*Note: an order is processed only after receipt of payment which can be made in person or via bank transfer; for further details email favorsmore@gmail.com*

Scalloped Baby Announcements

With a promise to serve you better and the dedication do something unique for each client, Favors & More introduces Scalloped Circle baby announcement cards which tie in beautifully with the round favor boxes.

You now have an option to select Scalloped Circle card with the announcement favors, instead of sticking to the same old rectangular and square cards.

6 Essential Tips for Selecting Baby Announcement Favors

When it comes to baby announcements, the options / possibilities are endless starting from the color of the favor containers right down to its contents.  Having had the honor of designing numerous announcements for the cuddly new family additions, we decided to put together useful tips for Parents-to-Be that would help them in deciding on the best option.

1.  Total Number of Favors Required

As obvious as this may seem, many tend to overlook this very important point. Knowing the exact number of favors that you plan on distributing helps determine the processing time, budget, bulk order concessions, and ensures uniformity in all pieces.

Remember: if, for example, you order 80 pieces at first, and then after a week decide to increase that by 50, you lose out on the bulk order concession that you could have availed on 130 pieces.

2.       Budget Estimate

Know how much you are willing to spend on the announcements. This helps narrow down options and enables us to come up with options that fit your requirements best.

3.       Know What To Distribute

This is THE MOST important part of favor selection. The entire presentation of the announcements is 100% dependent on what the favor boxes/baskets/trays etc will hold. For example, a net inlay basket/pram cannot be used to distribute ‘gulab jamun’. Usually families have special sweets prepared for announcements, share that information with us, it helps tremendously.

4.       Know How Much You Want To Distribute

Quantity determines the size of the favors. For example, ¼ Kg mithai like ‘laddo’ cannot fit in a 3” box. If you are using chocolates, then have a general idea of the type of chocolates you want to give. The favor boxes should not look overly stuffed or barely filled. If you have a basic idea of the quantity we can advice you on the right size.

5.       One Month Notice

Order the favors atleast a month before you want them; especially when the quantity is above 100 pieces. Doing so gives us sufficient time to queue your order and have it ready. It is always better to be early than late. 8 working days is the minimum processing time.

6.       Estimate A Rough Distribution Date 

It is natural for new moms-to-be to be very excited about the favors, and honestly its all that excitement that makes the whole process fun, but it is good to estimate a realistic deadline. You will not be giving out the baby announcements as soon as the baby arrives J On an average the announcements start going out after a week.

Focus on the above six tips, and you shall sail through the favor selection process smoothly.