Globetrotter – Themed Party

With temperatures hitting an all time high, summer vacations have finally begun, and the globetrotters are all set to take off.


So, in-tune with the “travel season”, we had much fun designing travel themed party supplies for our lovely client.  Lets walk you through, step-by-step; the first thing you do when planning a trip, is deciding where you want to go and for that, you need a map.

MapTags CloseUp

These map tags are for friends to write down notes, wishes etc, OR they can be used by you to simply jot down exciting moments from your travel. There are quiet a few in there, the more the merrier.


Next up is deciding the flight you want to take. There are so many options out there, but you need to choose one, right!

confettiThese mini aeroplanes serve as confetti, even though they aren’t that tiny.

With the trip all planned, it’s now time to pack your bags!

LuggageBags-TopView We designed these luggage themed favor boxes for the guests. These aren’t very big, but spacious enough to hold lots of goodies. We took inspiration for these, from a similar order executed sometime in 2013 (Picture below).


Leatherite Vintage Themed Suitcases, approximately 10″x 13″

So taking liberty to describe the luggage favors further — these were so much fun! These were designed such that the clasp on the belt allows you to tighten or loosen it accordingly. The suitcase opens to reveal a spacious interior with an embossed top.

LuggageBags-insideThe best part– unlike other luggage favor boxes, these close perfectly.

Now you are already to take off! These red and white paper planes were designed as decoration for the party.


We also did a wooden wall alphabet, in keeping with the travel theme.



That’s about it for now. Will be sharing more themes soon

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Scrapbooks done for clients

Graduation Theme Scrapbook:


Grad_SA_pg1 closeUp

Grad_SA_CoverClick here to view the entire scrapbook.

Scrapbook for him:

cover-closeUp photographerPage1-CloseUp travelling-Page3Click here to view the entire scrapbook

Colorful Scrapbook:

FSB-6-SM-pg1-2 FSB-6-SM-pg3-4 2 FSB-6-SM-pg7-8

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Scrapbook Style Boxes

So as weird as the title of this post might sound, the product is a lot more amazing. So I did mention taking a vacation right? Well, lookie at what a vacation can do to you (or to me). So ever since I returned, I have been bubbling with ideas. I dream about what I am going to work on next, and while working on that particular project I start exploring what to work on after that LOL.

Well, before I share what I made, I would like to thank all those lovely ladies who are always sharing their knowledge and techniques online in the form of tutorials; The one person who I would like to thank the most is ‘Beate’.

Now without further delay… below is what I made.

This one is in the tones of brown and maroon. As you can tell the background has been worked on by stamping two different stamps, and distressing the edges. Layered on top of that is another stamped image, cut to share, and an ornament. Cute little words ‘with love’ have been stamped on to add some personalization  and warmth to the card :). The base of the card is a drawer box, 4 x 4 x 1 inch. Its sides have been embellished with embossed card stock. ❤ I just LOVE this one.

This big guy has been designed especially for friends, using light lively colors. The techniques used for this one are the same as the previous one, except that this one is stamped with ‘Precious and few are friends like you’.  There is a lot of detail on this; All the 4 sides of the 4 x 4 x 2 inch drawer are covered with cardstock of a contrasting color with word ‘precious’ hand stamped all over it, and edges distressed.  A cute little Organza ribbon handle has been added to the drawer to make it easy to open.

These make wonderful gift boxes which can be kept by the recipient for as long as they want.

Loving this!

Scalloped Cards!

So, before I took off to Dubai for vacations, I had designed these beautiful scalloped cards using some of my newly acquired totally awesome tools! And trust me it was a quite a challenge keeping quiet about them. In case you are wondering why I didn’t just go ahead and share them immediately; I was waiting to get my hands on amazing Sony WX 7 camera so that the pictures do justice to these great master pieces. I just love the camera! and the cards too, ofcourse. So with no further delay, I proudly present to you my latest collection of cards! (and I have some other stuff ‘under development’ which will follow, so keep checking 😛 )

and by the way, there is a 5% discount on all of these cards till the end of August.

Code: ScE3R-105
4″ scalloped card; embossed and embellished

For details email Local and international courier services provided upon request.

Code: ScER-101
4″ scalloped card; embossed and embellished

For details email Local and international courier services provided upon request.

Code: ScEFC-102
4″ scalloped card; embossed and embellished

For details email Local and international courier services provided upon request.

Code: ScEL-100
4″ scalloped card; embossed and embellished

For details email Local and international courier services provided upon request.

Code: ScEH-103
4″ scalloped card; embossed and embellished

For details email Local and international courier services provided upon request.

Code: ScERB-104
4″ scalloped card; embossed and embellished

For details email Local and international courier services provided upon request.

10 Craft Tips: Paper Cutting

Hello beautiful people!

Its tip time! Yay!!

So today we are going to share some very basic, yet extremely important tips.

All that we are about to share was learnt by us, the hard way, through trail and error over the years while working on different projects. Aren’t you happy to have access to this information without much effort 😛

Here goes:

1. When cutting straight lines, it’s usually better to use a paper cutting blade with a ruler/scale. It cuts faster and a lot neater

2. Choose your scissors according to the size of the shape being cut. Do not attempt to cut small shapes with large scissors as you wont be able to reach the tiny parts of the shape without tearing the paper

3. If you are using scissors to cut paper, do not stick the paper all the way back to where the blades join. The paper should be placed at least 3 cm from the scissor joint. If the paper is too close to the joint, it will crush from the corners and will be damaged

4. Do not rush while cutting. If you are cutting paper in “speedy Gonzales” mode, the paper will have jagged edges. Take your time, don’t rush

5. Never let the blades close completely, unless it’s the last cut, and you are cutting a straight line. Another reason for jagged paper edges, and points in round shapes, is closing the blades fully while midway

6. When cutting circles, revolve the paper rather than the scissors

7. Try to draw the shape you want to cut on the wrong side of the paper; unless you cannot do that due to the nature of the project. If you use the wrong side, once the shape is cut, turn it over to use and you wont have to worry about erasing the trace mark. (Note: if the wrong side of the paper will be visible, then the marks should be erased)

8. If you are using a crafting knife, or paper cutting blade, make sure that its sharp. Sharp blades cut better while blunt blades tear the paper, and make the edges untidy

9. When cutting out symmetrical shapes, fold them in half. This reduces cutting time in half

10. And last but not the least, when cutting pictures, leave a thin border around them

Hope you find these tips useful.

Keep those comments coming, and have a good day!


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