Our Craft Blog: Saba’s Craft Land

So if you haven’t guessed already, Saba is the artist behind these lovely giveaways that you see on our blog/FB page (and Saba is the one writing all the blogs too :P).  You see when you are passionate about something, the more you follow it, the more your passion grows, and the more wonderful things you happen to create. So there were tons of things that I wanted to share with you, get your feedback on, and perhaps learn and explore with you, but I was hesitant about sharing them here. As much as I would have wanted to do all of this using the same platform, it was truly not possible because Favors & More’s target audience is very wide, and not all of them are interested to know how these things are made.. lol.. sad but true.

For me, feedback is very very important especially when something new is being created, and till now my extremely supportive family was my ‘feedback’ team (if I may have the liberty to say so :P). But .. I need YOUR feedback too when something is being developed… AND other than that there is lots of new stuff I want to share with you especially if you share the same passion as mine. Other than that, I also felt the need for a platform using which I can share tutorials, new supplies, tips, techniques and tricks… and so after much thought and hard work Saba’s Craft Land was launched.


Both the blogs will be running simultaneously, Favors & More will majorly focus on finished products which are ready to be purchased, while Saba’s Craft Land will focus on the development process.

Thank you for all your love and support.

Saba’s Craft Land would also love to exchange links with you and be part of your circle. 🙂


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