Scrapbook Style Boxes

So as weird as the title of this post might sound, the product is a lot more amazing. So I did mention taking a vacation right? Well, lookie at what a vacation can do to you (or to me). So ever since I returned, I have been bubbling with ideas. I dream about what I am going to work on next, and while working on that particular project I start exploring what to work on after that LOL.

Well, before I share what I made, I would like to thank all those lovely ladies who are always sharing their knowledge and techniques online in the form of tutorials; The one person who I would like to thank the most is ‘Beate’.

Now without further delay… below is what I made.

This one is in the tones of brown and maroon. As you can tell the background has been worked on by stamping two different stamps, and distressing the edges. Layered on top of that is another stamped image, cut to share, and an ornament. Cute little words ‘with love’ have been stamped on to add some personalization  and warmth to the card :). The base of the card is a drawer box, 4 x 4 x 1 inch. Its sides have been embellished with embossed card stock. ❤ I just LOVE this one.

This big guy has been designed especially for friends, using light lively colors. The techniques used for this one are the same as the previous one, except that this one is stamped with ‘Precious and few are friends like you’.  There is a lot of detail on this; All the 4 sides of the 4 x 4 x 2 inch drawer are covered with cardstock of a contrasting color with word ‘precious’ hand stamped all over it, and edges distressed.  A cute little Organza ribbon handle has been added to the drawer to make it easy to open.

These make wonderful gift boxes which can be kept by the recipient for as long as they want.

Loving this!


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