We’ve been very busy…

Yes, yes, yes… the post, once again, is very late. It’s not easy trying to manage everything on our own, but we are trying. (And in case you are wondering, I have a habit of using WE all through my blog, even though its just ME…I seem to have a bit of an issue replacing the ‘W’ with a ‘M’).

So coming to the real thing; what has kept us so busy? a one word reply to that would be.. ‘Babies’ 😀

The ‘Baby Season’ as Favors & More likes to call it, approached in full swing with spring, giving us an opportunity to work on cute baby announcements. There was more of pink in our work and a sprinkle of blue initially, but with the passage of time… blue is getting stronger; in simple words there were more baby girl announcements than baby boy announcements that we worked on.

The season still hasn’t come to a close and we look forward to another busy month.



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