Exhibition At ASEAN

Favors & More @ASEAN

Standing behind the stall is a totally different experience as compared to standing in front of it… its something similar to when you give a job interview– the only difference being that there you are selling your skills, while here you are selling the products of your skill.. 😀

So this being our second exhibition in the past 4 months, was a great learning experience. Our first exhibit was at the BWA (British Women Association) Charity Mela held on 5th December 2010 where we primarily focused on cards, decorated treats and some gift able items. The response was very positive and it helped us mature as a business.

At the ASEAN Mela held on 13th March 2011, we catered to a maturer audience and exhibited order based items, mostly. Our range of products included favors for weddings, baby announcements along with stand alone arrangements for parties. Since we aim to cater to all age groups, we had some fancy items for kids, and teens too. ASEAN provides a greater platform for businesses, with many nations participating in this event there was a lot to learn and explore. We have been attending the ASEAN Mela since a few year now, but this was the first time we actually participated.


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