How It All Began!

Come to think of it, this should have been the first post on this blog, but it turned out to be the ninth! Hehe

So how did Favors & More come about? this is the one question that I have been asked over and over again, so today I thought, why not write it down.

We all have our likes and dislikes, our passions and obsessions, our hobbies and our responsibilities, and with each passing day we balance (or rather we try to balance) everything in an effort to stay happy. Life is a journey of discovery, and we discover something new everyday; surprisingly though, we learn more about others than we learn about ourselves. We know what our friends want, what our family needs, what our boss likes, but when it comes to what WE want… we usually go blank. And so was my case.Products

I always wanted to do something of my own, but I just did not know what! I had a good job, an extremely loving and supportive family, good friends but there was something missing… always! (and no, it was not Mr. Right 😛 ). I began to believe that my job was my passion, and this was the career I wanted to excel in. BUT for some reason at the end of every day I was unhappy, grumpy, stressed and completely demotivated! After slogging for 7 long years, I weighed the pros and cons and concluded that I would be much happier working freelance. Even though this meant taking a step back in my career, it was a risk I just had to take.

I began freelancing, but something was still missing, and so in my spare time I started getting in touch with my long ignored creative self… and I was HAPPY! Just the thought of working on an idea energized me, I would go on for hours and hours without any fatigue. And then the event that gave birth to Favors & More happened!

For Eid, I designed some gift boxes in soft pink and brown for my family, and wrapped the other gifts keeping in mind the recipients personality. I was up many nights working on them, and every morning I was a lot more happier, and a lot more motivated!

When distributed, the gifts were a hit, they were loved….and seeing the joy in the eyes of those who got them, gave me tremendous satisfaction. It was at that point that I realized, that, I was pushing myself in the wrong direction. My passion is creativity in all its ‘crafty’ forms! and that is what I do best. With tons of encouragement and support from my family, I took a few orders and made some very happy clients! 😀

And then launched Favors & More! Nothing is more rewarding and satisfying than helping someone express their love, and being part of their joy!

So this is how it all began! 🙂


3 thoughts on “How It All Began!

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  2. Saba beautifully written, discovering a job that is satisfying and that makes you happy is definitely an achievement and first step towards successful life:)

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