Death By Chocolate!

Nothing in this whole wide world tastes as good as chocolate, and no gift is as good as a box of personalized chocolates.

Favors & More introduces, personalized chocolates. Every piece is personalized with a cute phrase, symbol, or word in a wide range of colors.

We have currently introduced 4 themes, which pretty much cover all the special people in our lives:

Love: In hot pink and white, these are ideal for those who mean the world to you

Don’t Forget to Love Urself: In red and white, for those lovely people who live for others and forget about themselves.(Moms in particular)

Friends: For the buddies with whom you’ve shared all your joys and sorrows

Hottie: Well, I don’t need to say much about this one.. do I. 😉

You can have a monogram or your initials on these chocolates too as long as they are not too long :). Contact us and we’ll take care of everything!

Ideal gift for the special people in your life!


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